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Why Our Packaging Is The Way It Is

At Brewies, we take every detail into account, even down to the packaging. Our thoughtfully designed blue and yellow packaging is more than just visually appealing – it's a delight for your furry friend's eyes too! Dogs perceive the world in a limited spectrum of colors, and our blue and yellow hues align precisely with their vision capabilities. So, when you look at our packaging, your pup sees the same vibrant and captivating colors, creating a truly shared experience. We believe that every aspect of Brewies, from the ingredients to the packaging, should bring joy and happiness to both you and your canine companion. Embrace this colorful journey with us, where every treat is a moment of bliss for you and your best friend. Wagging tails and happy hearts await!

Seeing The World Through Your Pup's Eyes

At Brewies, we take the science of your furry friend's vision seriously! Did you know that dogs primarily perceive the world in shades of blue and yellow? That's why we've thoughtfully designed our packaging in these captivating hues. Our blue and yellow colors create a truly immersive experience for your pup, ensuring they appreciate the same eye-catching brilliance you do. So, when you hold our treats in their vibrant packaging, you're not only providing a delicious treat but also crafting an enriching sensory encounter for your four-legged companion. At Brewies, it's all about celebrating the remarkable way your dog sees the world, one delightful treat at a time!


Brewies In Beer Cans

In our commitment to fostering a deeper shared experience between you and your furry friend, we've chosen to package our delightful dog treats in beer cans. Just like you cherish the joy of sipping a cold brew, our beer can packaging adds an extra layer of connection. With every treat, you're not only savoring the flavorful goodness but also immersing yourself in the world of Brewies. The sight of our treats in beer cans reflects the very grains sourced from local Indiana breweries, bringing you closer to the brewing magic that makes our treats possible. It's a celebration of the unique bond you share with your pup, where every moment becomes a little toast to the joy and love you both bring to each other's lives. So, go ahead, pop open a Brewies can and embark on a paw-some journey of unforgettable experiences with your canine companion!

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