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Dog Treats

About Us!


All Brew, No Bite

Welcome! We are a locally produced dog treat company with the goal of bringing you and your furry friends closer! By sourcing spent grains from your favorite breweries, we create delicious, double baked dog treats so your pup can finally enjoy a brew with you! Click below to learn more!

Our Mission

Golden Retriver

Eco-Friendly Goodness

Treat your furry friend to our unique dog treats, crafted from recycled spent grains. By choosing Brewies, you join our mission of reducing waste, supporting sustainability, and creating a greener future. Treat your canine companion to the delicious taste of our eco-friendly treats and be a part of the positive environmental impact!

Black Lab

Tail Wagging Taste

At Brewies, we take pride in simplicity and quality, using only four wholesome ingredients to create our delectable delights. Your furry friend deserves the best, and that's precisely what we offer—flavor-packed goodness that is not only lip-smacking but also healthy and free from any unnecessary additives. 

White Dog

From Brew To Chew

Raise a glass to our toast-worthy treats, made from the same high-quality ingredients used to craft the beer you enjoy! Celebrate your special bond over these flavorful and all-natural treats, knowing that every moment shared is filled with love, joy, and the same ingredients that make your beer time extra special. Cheers to a new way of cherishing those precious moments with your loyal companion!

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